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Bigger, Better A whole lot of centimeters gives you freedom to design large scale prototypes and other endless possibilities.


Print Environment Experience the regulated print process with our professional quality mechanics and enclosed designv for improved, accurate and more reliable prints.

Power of


Adjusting, Adapting, Reorganising, Modelling are the vital fixins of customisation. Choosing among the wide range of build platform has a pressing edge in customization. A leverage of choosing between one to two extruders is an eminent addition.

  • Functioning models

    Exhibits/models of any genre can be easily constructed. Architects can showboat their design prototypes to prospective clients for better visualisation and engineers can make functional models before mass manufacturing or developing a lasting design.

  • Fasten product development

    A product can be designed from scratch which can later be printed out as per the customised specifications put forth by the customer/client. As the name suggests, rapid prototyping focuses mainly on swift prototyping which is an essential stage in product development .

  • Freedom of design

    Any design can be physically implemented if it invariably concedes the practical limitations and requirements. The flexibility of choices and the various possibilities of outcomes are the main manifestations rendered by printing services.

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